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Now You See Me 2 packs in even more twists and turns than its predecessor, but in the end, it has even less hiding up its sleeve.

But very little about this hollow sequel to 's heist thriller Now You See Me feels mysterious; its biggest set-pieces will make viewers ask not "Whoa, how'd they do that?

The movie offers neither the cool cat casino reviews 2016 of the magicians' artistry nor a dramatic view of how they do it. Based solely on merit, Now You See Me 2 is a sequel that should never have been made. And of course, there's no danger of mistaking computer-enhanced trickery for actual sleight of hand, so even the click at this page but honest cool cat casino reviews 2016 provided by quality card work is compromised.

The film is mainly horseplay, wasted motion, and talk, talk, talk, with a few good action scenes Just as cheerfully outlandish as the caper flick's precursor, with the acceptance of fancy tricks and misdirection twists dependent on an audience's love of a good hoodwink. Now You See Me 2 is a desperate attempt to pull a franchise out of thin air. But this glitzy Click here hoodwink is nothing more than a slavish pull of wool over the audiences eyes.

The hope behind the NYSM franchise seems to be that if they keep it quick, slick and well-acted, we won't notice what tosh it is. But we do, time and again. For the six of you who like Now You See Me, 2 offers more of the same so you ought to like the sequel. For everyone else, it's barely passable but it will do in a pinch, if you really need to check out for a couple best online roulette software. Now You See Me 2 is a slightly beefier, funnier movie than its predecessor that still fails to learn from any of the original's mistakes and manages to make some new click here along the way.

The original "Now You See Me" had cool cat casino reviews 2016 riveting cat-and-mouse mystery plot going in. Aside from some cool visual effects and a delightfully villainous turn from one D-Rad, this sequel lacks a real story - one that doesn't talk down to the audience who already knows things that the characters don't. My greatest pet peeve is the half-assed feminist agenda.

Lizzy Caplan is awesome, but in an effort to make Lula more than the redheaded eye candy Isla Fisher played in the prequel, the filmmakers settled for lightweight feminist rhetoric. Instead of the on-the-nose comeback of Lula petulantly calling Dylan out for being patronizing, couldn't they just SHOW cool cat casino reviews 2016 being a badass on a motorcycle? It's all just lip service to the "strong female sidekick.

An interesting cool cat casino reviews 2016 but lacks the and excitement as it's predecessor! The first Now You See Me was a pleasant surprise that took a simple concept magician heist and injected enough sly fun, style, and humor and made a memorable action thriller.

As success demands, a sequel was commanded, but I had hopes considering the blueprint of its success could be repeated because those core elements were strong. We all love heist movies, we all love to be fooled, we all love to watch a smart see more befuddle those in power, and the reveals made it even more enjoyable. I wasn't expecting Now You See Me 2 to drop much of what made the first film appealing and shamble through its set pieces with a disinterested sense of sequel duty.

The magic is gone. They're a group that attacks the fraud, exploitation, and greed of those rich and powerful who feel untouchable. Walter lost a lot of money from the Horsemen's antics in the first film and demands they steal a super microchip that will allow him to erase his identity and stay private permanently.

Bradley has a score to settle with the Horsemen and uses Rhodes to escape from prison. All forces are headed to Macau and much more will be learned of the Horsemen's behind-the-scene organization, The Eye. It feels like the filmmakers aren't even trying to keep one foot in reality this time.

It's not like the first Now You See Me was a deeply grounded movie but it took pains to at least offer varying explanations for how these illusions were accomplished. Some of the answers were clever and some were preposterous, but at least they tried to show you their work, which made the Horsemen even cleverer, in my book.

Understanding the preparation for the illusions and the execution of them adds to their impressive aura. The characters in cool cat casino reviews 2016 sequel don't even attempt to explain the far majority of their tricks, and it's simply not as fun.

The opening job is a fun refresher because we see the different characters working together but also because we can see how they're getting away with their shenanigans.

As the movie continues, those magic acts get bigger and bigger and more ludicrous and harder to explain and then the movie just stops trying to explain. At this point magic might as well be real and the Horsemen are wizards. There's suspension of belief and then there's simply obliterating all connections to reality. When Eisenberg can control the direction of rain itself without any explanation, it cheapens the Только bookmakers bonus senza deposito Даже. Because if there isn't some level of limitations, requiring the tricks to be based in continue reading, then the on screen efforts lose their appeal because it doesn't matter.

It's like haphazardly just writing, "The Horsemen do some magic junk and get away. Another complaint I have is that the scattered script seems littered with missed opportunities. One of the bigger misses that comes to mind is Harrelson's twin brother, an obvious Matthew McConaughey impression from his True Detective costar.

The character isn't nearly as funny as Harrelson or the producers believe. He isn't particularly memorable or necessary to the plot at all, but that's not even his biggest offense.

In a movie about magicians playing sleight-of-hand trickery, how in the world do we not have a switcheroo with the twins? That would justify his existence for the plot. I was shocked cool cat casino reviews 2016 never happened because it seemed so obvious. Why is he a twin? What does being a brother to Harrelson have to do with anything related to the plot? The script also gets overcrowded with cool cat casino reviews 2016, introducing Radcliffe and then bringing back Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman.

The characters don't so much compete with one another as they operate in separate spheres until a "twist" reveals more about their connections. Their agendas are too opaque. Radcliffe wants them to steal a super microchip so he can fully be "off the grid. It's not like he's hiding out from the law for some kind of corporate espionage. It's a convoluted reason to bring the Horsemen to his hiding spot in Macau. It's just cool cat casino reviews 2016 in a long line of ideas that never feel fully developed.

Even the magic set pieces don't feel as fun. Seriously, one of the climactic magic set pieces is a human game of three-card Monty. Retaliation, Jem and the Holograms has worked with action before and certainly knows his way around choreography, but he feels too hesitant this time.

The action scenes are rare and the chase sequences are muted. Outside of the tricks, there isn't cool cat casino reviews 2016 standout action scene in the whole movie.

In the first film we had a pretty fun magic fight that was wild and surprising and loaded with small payoffs. In this movie we have a motorcycle chase that plays out as expected. We have a foot chase that plays out as expected. You have professional illusionists at your cool cat casino reviews 2016 action set pieces should not play out as expected. The most fun sequence is fairly straightforward but easily the best developed, and that's the Mission: Impossible-esque heist of the microchip that is outfitted onto a playing card.

It's cool cat casino reviews 2016 clearly the most visually inventive sequence as the Horsemen play a game of keep away and the camera literally at times tumbles into their clothes.

I think what makes cool cat casino reviews 2016 easily the best sequence in the movie is because it's moderately grounded, the stakes are explained, and the audience is in on the trick, enjoying all the flimflam obfuscation. It also means when there are complications to the plan the sequence generates suspense. When you don't know what's going on and don't know when things are going wrong, or how they could go wrong, it's hard to generate genuine suspense.

Being involved in the action is much more fun. The actors all seem on autopilot, falling back to the broader descriptions for their characters.

Eisenberg is a smug and cocky. Harrelson is smooth and shrewd. Franco is awkward and insecure. She makes a good impression but part of it is that Capaln seems to be the only member allowed to be comedic.

It feels like there are three straight guys to her comedy cut-up. She's good but cool cat casino reviews 2016 variation cool cat casino reviews 2016 also starts to lose its appeal when only one character seems to be trying. Ruffalo Spotlight seems too often unrelated the Horsemen story as he discovers more info about his father. He's the only character that actually has something of a storyline, though his playing of both sides and attempts cool cat casino reviews 2016 hide his role to the FBI is just another ludicrous element.

I miss Melanie Laurent too. If you liked the original, this sequel is every bit as fun. Log in with Facebook. Don't have an account? Already have an account? Audience Score Percentage of users who rate a movie or TV show positively. More Top Movies Trailers Forums. Season 2 Star Trek: Season 1 Click to see more Walking Dead: British Independent Nominations Announced: Lady Macbeth For online casino bingo money with 15 Noms.

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Cool cat casino reviews 2016

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