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Double top dollar high limit slot wins

So thrilled for you. Nothing like coming home with such an unexpected surprise. Have fun at the Halloween Stumble I am sure it will be a great time and I hope you quadruple the winnings you had this time!

Thanks Tim, it was a happy trip that's for sure. I'm hoping to just make it through part of the stumble, I'm a lightweight when it comes to the day and night that GG has planned. I see you hit the 4-up Cleopatra which is good for me. Maureen and I are at the Encore for Haloween so we might meet. Greeke is there as well.

Thanks, Dan, perhaps we'll run into each other. I'll likely be back at Palazzo by early evening on Halloween. I don't have the stamina of GG and the rest for the Halloween Stumble they are having to last into the late hours.

I enjoy meet trips too. I travel solo and have no qualms about it, but I've met very nice people on the forums and Vegas boards and it just makes for a better time. We all go off on our own to gamble anyway often. Have fun at the Stumble lol. Thanks NMChop, great to hear from you here.

I'm looking forward to that stumble even though I have to make a 8am breakfast for it shudder. Hope we meet up at Vegas one of these trips! How long did it take Aria to pay you after you hit? Between them checking out the slot to make sure it hadn't malfunction and the issuing of the double top dollar high limit slot wins it was about 45 minutes.

This hit happened around 2am in the morning. As someone who normally stays at Wynn how would you say Aria compares overall - do you think I would miss double top dollar high limit slot wins Wynn or is Aria comparable? For the record I like modern design. I like all 3 properties but it's hard to beat Wynn for service, so you might miss it. Not knowing what is the most important features in a hotel casino to you personally I can't really compare apples to apples for you and take into consideration your personal likes and dislikes, but here's my thoughts anyway.

What draws me to Aria the most, other then the big win I had there the beginning of October double top dollar high limit slot wins those corner suites with the strip views, I just love them. Also, while some don't like it's double top dollar high limit slot wins for the fact you can't walk out and be immediately on the strip sidewalk, I like walking around the corner into Monte Carlo, and find it easy to take the free tram to Bellagio and from there find it easy to get to Cosmo and other strip properties.

Palazzo on the other hand feels like home. Love the slot selection they have at Palazzo and Venetian, consider it the best on the strip and my host has so far treated me well with personal service. Based on my own personal opinion and what I look for I would rank them: Palazzo Wynn Aria However a lot of time the choice of which of those 3 properties to stay at depends on who is offer me the best upfront deal in comps as I enjoy all three.

Thanks for the reply. I haven't been double top dollar high limit slot wins about some of the changes at Wynn lately I think the restaurants have been slipping and the clubs have been bringing in a rowdier crowd that sometimes gets on my nerves, especially over on the Encore side, which is why I've been considering a change I like the service at Aria and Palazzo, but I can understand why you hesitate to try something new when you love the Wynn and it likely feels like home to you.

I agree with you about the club crowd but unfortunately that seems to be a issue these days at the double top dollar high limit slot wins of the luxury strip double top dollar high limit slot wins. Whatever you decide let me know how your next trip goes.

My corner suites I have had at Aria have always been comped. However, sometimes visit web page they fully booked and my upfront offer doesn't specify suite, they won't upgrade me to a corner suite, but so far that has only happened once.

However it does help to be tier level NOIR with M-Life to get the upgrade or to be on the upper end double top dollar high limit slot wins the points with the Platinum tier. I gambling licence costa online rica it, glad you found your winning moment!!! Only a hour flight away from Las Vegas we visit frequently, sometimes once a month.

I'll be sharing our trip reports, tips on making the most of your stay in Vegas, reviews of restaurants and shows we have seen, along with my thoughts related to our favorite place to get away from it all. I had the grilled chicken cobb salad with red wine vinaigrette dressing and a side of balsamic vinegar since they didn't have a balsamic dressing, I made my own. The breadsticks and pretzel bread that Aria room service always brings is yummy. Here's a tip about their ice tea, if you order a glass they still bring it in a half liter container and it's much double top dollar high limit slot wins inexpensive попросили 10 euro di bonus senza deposito slot пялят the half liter or liter.

If you want to see additional photos of the Aria corner suite, check out my July Aria trip report. My last trip in July at Aria I lost a lot of my bank roll in just 4 days so I almost took a offer from a different property this trip even though I love the corner suites at Aria.

I was so torn between what to do I asked for advice from friends on the blonde4ever Vegas message board and they encouraged me to book it again for this trip. Once in the casino it started out mixed with me losing a quick few hundred on penny slots like DaVinci Diamonds and Kitty Glitter.

I had to wait a bit but finally got on it and enjoyed getting a few bonuses and hits though they weren't paying me much.

If you haven't yet seen the videos I took of Ghostbusters they are here:. After Ghostbusters Read article was just losing on pennies and dollar slots and I'm becoming concerned that my bankroll is going down in flames again at Aria like in July.

At first we weren't sure if we liked our server but by the end of the first course his humorous style and mannerisms had grown on us. We both enjoyed the amuse which was red pepper and Romesco sauce for the most part.

Tricia had the onion soup for her started and it was quite different from most onion soups. I had the roasted duck fat heirloom beets salad with Crescenza cheese foam and toasted double top dollar high limit slot wins and while I had reservations about duck fat as I hated the duck fat french fries at Strip Steak at Mandalay Bay in the past, the beet salad double top dollar high limit slot wins great. My photo of the beet salad came out too dark, so I'm not posting it.

Tricia's enjoyed her entree which is Shelton's Farm Organic Chicken with artichoke, chicken truffle Ravioli and a cippolini onion. My entree was delicious. Yes, its halibut again. I can't believe I ordered halibut for the 3rd night in a row! Yes, I love halibut, all the entrees were different and good. We both had the crunchy chocolate and peanut tart with cassis sphere and marshmallow sauce. This was a wonderful dessert with the cassis sphere being one of the most delicious chocolates with a liquid center I have ever had.

I asked if they sold them separately because I would have easily bought a box of these, but alas they don't. After dinner we decided to double top dollar high limit slot wins the tram to Bellagio to gamble as I had nothing good to say at that point about gambling at Aria. When we got to Online casino games facebook we mainly played the penny slots next to each and Tricia was having some luck which was great, but mine continued to be bad.

I'm not a good loser and I'm sure Tricia detected that my mood was getting a little sour. If Terri had been there she would have likely have told me "Missy, watch that attitude". Since Tricia had a early morning flight was staying at Paris we said double top dollar high limit slot wins bye knowing we will likely see each other back in Vegas on November 25th.

Back at Aria I return to my room to get a couple hundred out of the safe as I've now lost my daily gambling allotment. The slot attendants were there in 20 seconds and I'm not kidding. I didn't have time to pull my camera out of my purse and take a shot of my win and Aria is one of those strip casinos which won't let you take videos of the slots and you have to be quick with photos because they frown on those too.

Naturally I'm quite happy now as I've almost broken even for the trip and can now afford to play and I always seem to have my best wins after midnight.

I get the bonus see more for once don't pick cash and get to play it. Oops, one last hit but my ticket is going down fast, I'm staying too long on this airplane flight. I try the new Batman Dark Knight slot which is interesting but only wants to take my money. I try some penny megabucks and no luck there. I spot penny Kitty Glitter one of my favorites but those cats won't play.

There's a wolf double top dollar high limit slot wins nearby but it doesn't like me. My luck is looking up again. Five cent Da Vinci Diamond gave me some brief fun before deciding to go 13 pushes without any wins.

I play Sex in the City, but those girls are keeping those bonus games for someone else. On a whim I decide to play penny Buffalo. I have a new appreciation of the penny Buffalo slot, thanks SMF. After the Buffalo win I was feeling pretty good about penny slots and started playing Kitty Glitter, Survivor, and Stonehenge among others until I lost my winnings on Buffalo and then some. It was getting late around 2: Pinball is usually my favorite choice among these two, Top Dollar on the other hand is the favorite of my friend Terri and I decided to run one last hundred though one of them on my way to the room.

So it was a bit strange after my lousy earlier bonuses on this Top Dollar check this out I decided to play Top Dollar over my favorite Pinball.

My decision seemed to pay off read more I got the bonus after a few spins and even had a double top dollar high limit slot wins on the line with it, but my first offer was again lousy at 30 credits.

I hit try again and the offer this time is 40 credits. I quickly try to hit the take offer button but the machine has locked up and into the win. I'm very happy, however if you are ever nearby when I win a handpay the only way you are going to notice it is when the slot attendants come running, because I don't cheer, yell or dance, in fact I stay very calm and this time was no different. Double top dollar high limit slot wins guess I sort of go into shock briefly.

In fact my first thought was great photo op and I was fumbling around in my purse for my camera. While I'm fumbling around for the camera 2 slot attendants arrive and I'm not kidding within 30 seconds. I ask more info to wait while I take a photo and one of them hesitates and starts to object until I mention that another slot attendant had no problem with me taking a photo of my earlier hand pay and I see the other attendant shrug and nod to the one that she should let me so I get a couple quick photos taken.

I'm sure they were both thinking that their tip would be more generous if they let me take photos and they were correct. I then tell them I would like a check for 17k and the rest in cash.

High Limit IGT Double Top Dollar Slot: Top Dollar Bonus. ♦$, Thousand Dollar Bonus Win! Cops And Donuts High Limit Slot Jackpot, Handpay! | SiX Slot.

Top Dollar is one of IGT's most popular brands and this particular version is. Check out the link below! I can't believe it hit all 5 coins!!! This was a wild ride too. Looked like a total bust but they it started heating. Will The Luck Continue?! So while I wasn't going to play Top Dollar, I just had to play to find out!

And besides, it was a good excuse to play Top Dollar, as this is actually my first "classic" Top Dollar slot video! I much prefer "Double Top Dollar" for the increased volatility. In Top Dollar, if you're not continue reading enough to get Triple-Triple-Triple, the goal is to get the bonus which is initiated by getting the Double top dollar high limit slot wins Dollar symbol in the 3rd reel which gives you four offers to choose from with the top award being x your bet!

Top Dollar is a Triple Diamond slot, which pays you for one or two triple diamonds unlike double diamond symbols where you need to online blackjack surrender a winning payline combination in order for it to pay, Enjoy! Buffalo Gold 5 Coins Bonus I can't believe it hit all 5 coins!!! Neteller deposit with can't "make" you spin off a winning combination.

Don't be a sheep. I think somebody is screwing someone really good. Cant win any big money on East Coast slot machines anymore they are all fixed to NOT pay out double top dollar high limit slot wins longer. I am surprised that was still on there. I have seen many times 3 triple diamond, but I never had luck. Do you ever Loose a lot in one night? Click feel like killing myself after loosing over 2k today.

Money I don't have. Hello TBP, enjoyed the final offer pick by you. Glad you went for it. Nice hit and you walked away a Winner. That machine was hesitating the spins glad it worked out! Everyone knows those recommendations throw shade and always lie Well, it wasn't 10K but it was okay.

And if you can't hit "the big payback" yourself, it's nice that double top dollar high limit slot wins friends can. Third times a charm - two wins down, one to go. The next one's yours. Surprised the casino didn't make them spin off the jackpot all the casinos I've had jackpots make me spin off the jackpot.

Top Dollar $10 Bet High Limit *POST JACKPOT* Live Play: Will The Luck Continue?! (2 Videos)

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